19 November 2018

Filtering XUnit Test by Trait in TeamCity

We were configuring our TeamCity instance to not run xunit tests with the category=integration. We ran into some interesting behavior of TeamCity, where the ".NET Process Runner" auto-quotes each line!

7 November 2018

Read and write a text file with Netduino IoT

One interesting topic about Netduino is that it has a built-in micro SD card module.
It means that you can read and write files without any external modules.

30 October 2018

Getting started with IoT Netduino 3 ethernet a compatibility Arduino board

Getting started with Studio 3 ethernet

I think many of you may be familiar with Arduino and Raspberry Pi but today I would like to introduce you to an Arduino compatibility board "Netduino".
As the name starts with NET, it implies that there must be something related to .NET.
In fact, Netduino is a .NET micro framework microcontroller board which allows you to use C# and .NET to develop an IoT, smart home, or other kinds of electronic projects

26 July 2018

Using Python 3 imaplib to connect to Gmail - Part 1: Searching and Labeling

Using imaplib to access Gmail. The full notebook file can found on github here.

5 July 2018

Redis on Windows fix: Redis is configured to save RDB snapshots

If you use the redis on windows, you may have run into the following error:

14 March 2018

Third Party API Fetch Strategy

At Jetabroad, we have to call Amazon Web Service API to manage our EC2 instances. The problem is
how to minimize API call and handle the schema provided as efficiently as possible.

2 October 2017

English Keywords for Researching New Technology

When I'm evaluating a new technology, whether it's a new library, framework, or programming language, I tend to use certain search keywords to help understand it.